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Updated on Monday 23rd January 2023

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Legal-Services-in-Lisbon.jpgLisbon is Portugal’s capital city and its largest city. It receives an important amount of foreign direct investments and attracts large numbers of tourists with its hilly, beautiful landscapes. Investors who seek legal services in Lisbon are local as well as foreign ones and the principal areas of interest revolve around corporate and business law, including employment and tax advice and planning. 
Our team of lawyers in Portugal can provide you with a wide range of services, from starting a company to closing one or handling litigation cases in Lisbon and other Portuguese cities. 
 Quick Facts  
 Who can benefit from our legal services?

Both individuals and legal entities can opt for our legal services in Portugal.

Types of legal services we offer

Legal advice for:

- corporate matters,

- business incorporation,

- tax advice,

- marriage,

- divorce,

- debt collection,

- company liquidation, etc.

 Support pentru mergers & acquisitions

We can supervise the transfer process of a company, taking into account the applicable legislation.

We offer the necessary legal assistance for this type of transaction.

Representation for litigation

Companies implicated in litigation can be represented by our lawyers in Portugal. We can offer the optimal solutions for solving conflicts of this kind.

Debt collection

We can explain the procedures involved in debt collection and represent clients in this endeavor.

 Support for starting a business in Portugal

We can draw up the necessary documents and collaborate with the relevant authorities for the incorporation of new companies.

Legal services in Portugal for tax registration

Tax registration of a company can be done with the help of our lawyers. We can manage the necessary documentation.

Legal advice for business contracts (YES/NO)


 Legal representation for divorce cases

The parties involved in the divorce can be represented by our lawyers. The formalities related to the division of assets, custody, visitation rights, alimony, etc. will be explained.

Power of attorney 

We represent clients in various legal proceedings, with the help of the power of attorney.

 Assistance in buying a property in Portugal

Our lawyers can check the property documents and assist you in front of the notary at the time of signing the sale-purchase contract.

 Obtaining the residence permit

We have extensive experience in immigration issues and we can help you with the formalities implicated in this endeavor.

 Business advice for high-net-worth individuals

Investment consultancy and specialized legal support for portfolio development

Costs for legal services provided to customers

 Prices are calculated depending on the legal services offered, complexity, personal fee, etc.

 Why choose our legal services in Portugal

 - professionalism,

- transparency,

- efficiency and solutions at hand,

- advantageous prices for the legal services offered etc.


Lisbon for foreign investors

As the capital and largest city in Portugal, Lisbon attracts an important percentage of the country’s foreign direct investments. The city has an important market size and it is the country’s main trade, services and tourism center. Some of the key investment areas in Lisbon include services and industry, notably in service centers formation, the electric and electronic sector, the new information and communication technology, tourism and others. 
Foreign companies in Lisbon can benefit from investment aid. Our lawyers in Lisbon can tell you more about tax reductions for companies and other types of aid. Ask about our legal services in Lisbon.

Some of the legal services in Lisbon offered by our lawyers

Our lawyers in Lisbon have experience in all areas of law relevant to business but also in family law and inheritance matters, for those investors who are considering estate and investment planning in the country. Here are a few of the legal services our specialists can provide to entrepreneurs:
  •  opening a new company in Portugal;
  •  setting up the Portuguese branch of a foreign business entity;
  •  obtaining special permits and licenses for doing business in the country;
  •  concluding business contracts and partnership agreements;
  •  operating any company mergers and acquisitions in Portugal;
  •  closing a company in Portugal;
  •  commercial and corporate litigation.
Our services are tailored to the needs of our clients in Lisbon and are available both for new, international clients as well as for perceptive business owners in the country.

Support for company litigation

Companies can face at some point litigious problems that can only be solved with specialized help. Non-compliance with contractual terms, late payments to suppliers or creditors, trademark infringement, unfair competition are some examples of conflicts that may involve two or more entities. Processes or mediation can seem complicated, especially for those who have never had to deal with such a thing. Therefore, it is better to seek help and legal advice to get over such problems. Our litigation lawyers in Lisbon are at your disposal.

Getting a divorce in Lisbon

Foreigners who want to divorce and are in Portugal can do so if they talk to a lawyer first. If the separation is by mutual agreement, then the division of property and custody of the children will take place. Mutual agreement divorce is the most popular process in order to dissolve a marriage, but if things get complicated, then the separation will be done in court. In order to prevent any problems, it is better to discuss with our lawyer in Lisbon, to see what are the steps to follow in this approach.

Custody in Portugal

Custody of minor children comes into play when parents divorce. Normally, children remain in the mother's care, without changing the environment in which they grew up. In this situation, the father is the one who has to pay alimony to the little ones and make sure that they will have an education, a good upbringing, and everything that is needed to grow in optimal conditions.
Custody can be complicated if parents do not agree on visiting hours, joint activities, and other issues. Therefore, we invite you to talk to our lawyers in Lisbon and familiarize yourself with the law in this case.

How to buy a property in Lisbon

Foreigners can easily purchase a property in Portugal, as long as they consider the formalities involved. The sale and purchase contract is the document that underlies the transaction but to get to this point, you need the history of the property and a series of checks to eliminate possible disputes from the start.
We mention that our lawyers in Lisbon are at your disposal if you want to buy a house in this city or in any other and they will make sure that the whole process follows the legal procedures.

Debt collection

Companies that can no longer pay their suppliers or other financial obligations may at some point have to go through the debt collection process. This procedure involves in the first phase an amicable settlement, in which the new terms for the respective payments are discussed. New data and the scheduling of arrears can be decided. However, if the new terms are not respected either, then the case goes to court. If you are facing issues like this, feel free to talk to our debt collection lawyers in Lisbon.

Ask for power of attorney

Power of attorney is a legal act by means of which a natural or legal person is legally represented in the steps and actions he/she has in the plan. For example, if you cannot be present when buying a property in Lisbon, our lawyer can represent you in this transaction, with the help of power of attorney. There are several cases where power of attorney in Lisbon is needed, but we invite you to find out all the details from our specialists.

Immigrate to Portugal

Non-EU citizens wishing to immigrate to Portugal must first apply for a visa. There are a number of formalities that must be followed, such as preparing the necessary documents, health insurance, presenting a valid passport. As the process can be complex for those coming from non-EU countries, it is better to consider specialized help from our lawyers in Lisbon. We are here to support you with any immigration issues you may have.

Start a business in Lisbon

Lisbon is the capital of Portugal and a top destination for foreign businessmen. The fact that Portugal has a stable business climate, as well as the economy, plus a multilingual and experienced workforce means greater confidence for international investors, eager to develop their business in the Iberian Peninsula. Here are some statistics that highlight the economy of Portugal and its direction:
  • In 2019, most foreign investments were absorbed by the financial and insurance sector.
  • The Netherlands was Portugal's largest investor in 2019, with over 20% of total FDI.
  • According to the 2020 Doing Business report, Portugal was ranked 39th out of 190 world economies in terms of optimal business conditions.
You can contact our law firm in Portugal for more detailed information on our services and how we can help you do business in Portugal