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Legal services

We are a team of lawyers based in Portugal, with a strong background in financial and corporate law. Read below about the main services offered to local and foreign clients.

Lawyers in Portugal

Lawyers in Portugal

Updated on Wednesday 15th February 2023

Investors in Portugal can choose to work with our team of English-speaking lawyers in Portugal throughout the entire company incorporation process. Foreign investments are one important area in which our lawyers have accumulated a vast experience after having worked with both local and foreign investors from countries around the world. We also offer a wide range of legal services for natural and legal persons. 
 Quick Facts  
Company formation services in Portugal

We can offer legal advice for business formation, draft the required documents, register with the relevant authorities.

Services offered by our lawyers in Portugal

Legal advice in matters of:

- business and tax registration,

- contractual conflicts,

- debt collection,

- litigation,

- property purchase,

- trademark registration etc. 

Representation for divorce cases

Spouses who want a divorce in Portugal can be represented by our lawyer. He/she can discuss the custody and distribution of mutual assets.

Support for licenses and permits (YES/NO) For company owners with specific activities
Legal advice for commercial disputes (YES/NO)

Business owner having a conflict must be represented in the court of law.

Power of attorney

The power of attorney allows us to open bank acounts, purchase a property and manage the business registration on behalf of our clients.

Real estate due diligence (YES/NO)


Legal advice for mergers and acquisitions (YES/NO) Yes
Company liquidation

Appointing a liquidator, verifying the financial documents, selling the assets, and paying the debts are part of the process.

Tax advice and planning

On request

Wealth management

For high-net-worth individuals

We manage immigration issues

We can prepare the formalities for visa and residence permit applications. Legal advice is offered for citizenship or humanitarian protection.

Representation for Family Law cases (YES/NO)


Free case evaluation 

An evaluation is made by our specialist before we collaborate.

Reasons to choose our law firm in Portugal

 - affordable prices for legal services,

- communication,

- experience in a wide range of areas of interest

Our law firm in Portugal treats each customer with respect and seriousness and offers solutions for any type of legal problem. Our lawyers’ professional competence, efficiency, and dedication are the values that we respect with the purpose of satisfying each claim presented to us. Professional legal advice is very important for an accurate assessment of interests and for the guaranteed success of your business in a litigation case before any court in Portugal.
Our company, Lexidy Law Boutique SLP is a law firm in Spain, also with offices in Portugal, that offers legal services, with the support of an experienced and skilled team of lawyes who speak English and German. Lexidy Law Boutique SLP was founded by Federico Richardson Alborna, an English-speaking lawyer in Spain registered at the Bar Association with the number 40.082.

Our affiliations

Lexidy Law Boutique SLP is part of the "Camara de Comercio Hispano – Sueca de Barcelona" (Sweden - Spain Chamber of Commerce in Barcelona), Il Lustre Col-Legi de L’advocaia de Barcelona (Barcelona Bar Association), the International Bar Association and Deutsch-Spanische Juristenvereinigung eV Hispano-German Association of Jurists (German-Spanish Association of Lawyers), prestigious institutions.

Tax advice in Portugal


The tax compliance in Portugal can be slightly overwhelming for new entrepreneurs or foreign investors. Choose to work with our law firm in Portugal that is constantly collaborating with experienced accountants to accomplish any tax-related matter required by the Portuguese law. Our law firm will offer you full service and guidance for VAT registration, payroll services, tax payments and it is also able to help you avoid double taxation.


Debt collection with the help of our lawyer in Portugal


Even though the debt collection procedures may become complex, our lawyers’ experience in this field is strong enough to offer you the proper services, no matter which party of the process you represent. From issuing demand letters to negotiations, the full representation before the court and in relation with the competent authorities and even in case of attachment and seizure, our lawyers’ experience and knowledge will provide you with solutions and results.
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How can I open a business in Portugal?


The Commercial and Business Law in Portugal are fully interdependent and, for this reason, our law firm in Portugal believes that all the phases of a business, from the beginning and also during its development, require complete legal assistance. With extensive experience in commercial and business law, our law firm in Portugal offers support in drafting the company documents, for making the proper decisions and also for the risk assessment of your company.
Your business needs a professional legal representation on an active market like Portugal. For this purpose, our experienced solicitors in Portugal offers customers the opportunity to benefit from specialized services, such as trademark registration of a mark in the national or international community. Whether you need assistance with industrial property (inventions, trademarks, industrial designs) or copyright and related rights, our English-speaking lawyers in Portugal will offer you their services for the representation of your company. This is a recommended step for all companies in Portugal in order to avoid any copyright infringement issues.
Portugal has implemented a simplified process for company creation. The one-stop-shop and the online registration are also available to foreign investors. The list below summarizes the four main steps needed to open a company in Portugal, helped by our Portuguese lawyers:
  1. Choose a type of company: the two most popular business forms are the public company and the private limited company, with the first one being suited to large corporations and the other more appropriate for small and/or medium-sized companies.
  2. Choose the company name: investors can choose from a list of pre-approved names (for a faster procedure) or submit their own name for approval.
  3. Draft the articles of association: like in the case of the name, investors can use a standard form for the Articles of Association or draft them with the help of our lawyers.
  4. Registration: once all of the documents are in order, the company can be registered with the Companies Registry and obtain its corporate ID.

Can I receive support for special licenses and permits?

Yes, our Portuguese lawyers can offer the necessary legal advice in order for you to understand the terms and conditions for obtaining the mandatory licenses and permits for your future company in Portugal. Self-practitioners or entrepreneurs looking to incorporate a company in the tourism sector, construction or transportation should observe the requirements for obtaining the special licenses and permits. Our English-speaking lawyers in Portugal are at your disposal with complete assistance and support.

Business start-up costs in Portugal

Opening a company in Portugal is subject to varied conditions and to different costs an investor should consider. The minimum share capital, the registration fees, the costs for applying for special licenses and permits are among the expenses that need to be taken into consideration at the time a foreign entrepreneur wants to start a business in Portugal. Also, renting an office space for a business in Portugal is subject to different costs that should be observed at the time of company formation. It is good to know that there are no costs for opening a bank account in Portugal, but the included services might be subject to varied fees.

Labour Law counseling 

The Labour Law will always be a focus area for both employees and employers, and our Portuguese lawyers can provide counseling and representation in all labor disputes, including for cases that go to court. In the context of a developing Portuguese market, employers are in need of workforce professionalism and stability. Another key element is to comply with the duties and obligations under an employment agreement, including the manner in which such a contract can be terminated. Our solicitors in Portugal offer full services in matters of Labour Law.
Our team of lawyers treats each case with the utmost consideration, diligence, and professionalism. We can represent both companies and individuals in Portugal as needed in negotiations or before a court. Before you enter into any legal proceedings or if you simply need legal counseling and advice on a certain matter, you can schedule an appointment with one of our lawyers.

Company liquidation in Portugal

When you want to close a company, let our law firm in Portugal take care of this procedure, by providing full services and representation in all the steps required by the law. By working with our Portuguese lawyers, the procedure of closing a company becomes simpler and more efficient and will be achieved in the proper time.  


Court proceedings in Portugal

The commercial disputes in Portugal are presented in the court of law with ample information about the defendant and complainant involved in a particular case. If an amicable procedure showed no positive results, the case goes to the Portuguese courts for public or private hearings. For company matters, most cases are held privately, especially if business and contractual matters are involved. All cases are dealt with in respect to the provisions of the Commercial Code in Portugal. Our litigation attorneys in Portugal can represent your company in the courts of law without the need that you are present at the proceedings.

Arbitration in Portugal

International commercial disputes can be solved with the help of the amicable procedure instead of dealing with time-consuming trials and proceedings. Arbitration in Portugal is overseen by the Arbitration Centre of the Portuguese Chamber of Commerce and Industry in respect for the Portuguese Voluntary Arbitration Law. Several arbitration agreements and written documents containing new clauses or requirements are sufficient for terminating a commercial dispute between two or more companies in Portugal. Labor, economic, or insolvency disputes can be decided with the help of arbitration in Portugal.

Legal assistance in Porto

The legal services provided by our lawyers in Portugal cover all area of law. Our team is able to assist you with corporate legal services and public law issues related to family and inheritance law or the employment law
The general business law in Portugal applies both to domestic and foreign companies that open a local office in Porto. Our team of attorneys can help you incorporate a company, fulfill the registration requirements and comply with the local taxation laws.
Our lawyers in Portugal can also assist you in cross-border matters or merger and acquisition activities. Our experts focus on the client’s needs and are able to provide complete legal services to domestic and international clients.

Frequently asked questions


1. What are the conditions for doing business in Portugal?

Portugal maintains favorable investment and business policies and encourages investments, including the foreign ones. The simplification of the taxation procedures, as well as the improvement of the telecommunications infrastructure, are part of an effort to attract FDI.

2. Are there any limitations concerning foreign investors in Portugal?

Foreign investors have the same rights to establish a company as nationals, however, they are required to declare their investment within 30 days. One of our lawyers in Portugal can give you complete details about these requirements.

3. What are the most important legal issues to consider about company formation?

Observing the provisions of the Company Law is mandatory. These include incorporating and registering a company, having a registered office in the country and providing transparent and accurate financial reports.

4. Are there any special requirements for companies in Portugal?

Government approval is required in sectors like maritime and air transportation, water management and a number of other different sectors. Financial institutions need approvals from the Bank of Portugal and/or the Ministry of Finance.

5. What are the legal provisions for employment in Portugal?

The Labor Code is the main legal resource for the rights and obligations of both national and foreign employees. All employment relations in the county are concluded via an employment contract.

6. How are companies taxed in Portugal?

Companies registered in Portugal are taxed on their worldwide profit at a standard rate of 21%. Small businesses may be subject to a simplified taxation regime

7. How are individuals taxed in Portugal?

Individuals are taxed on their worldwide income derived from the country, while foreign employees only on their Portuguese-source income. The personal tax rates are progressive, to up to 48%.

8. What are the visa requirements for Portugal?

The visa requirements will depend on the nationality of the foreign visitor. Some categories of foreign nationals are allowed to stay in the county for up to 90 days with only a valid passport.

9. What are the requirements for obtaining a residence permit in Portugal?

EU nationals who have been lawfully living in the country for at least five years can apply for a permanent residence certificate.

10. How can I handle litigation cases in Portugal?

The team of experts at our law firm in Portugal can help you with representation in local courts. Contact us for more information on how we can assist you.
If you need more information about the services provided by our law firm in Portugal please feel free to contact us.