Employment Law in Portugal

Employment Law in Portugal

Updated on Monday 06th March 2017

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litigation-attornyes-in-portugal.jpgPortugal upholds the rights of laborers and the Constitution recognizes these rights. If you plan to hire workers, it would be best to familiarize yourself with the Employment Law and regulations in Portugal. Aside from the Constitution, the other main sources for employment laws are the Labor Code, collective bargaining agreements, and the individual contracts between parties. The secondary sources are the customs of employing laborers in the country. Our lawyers in Portugal can help you understand more about these employment laws.
Portugal’s Labor Code has undergone many amendments over the years. Our Portuguese lawyers have come up with the basic features.

Employment contract

There is no specific form to be followed upon executing an employment contract. The employers and employees just need to make sure that there is no violation of the Labor Code of Portugal. There are five types of employment contracts:
- fixed-term,
- unspecified duration,
- very short duration,
- intermittent,
- part-time.
Our law firm in Portugal can draft any of these types of employment contracts.

Working conditions

The Portuguese Labor Code sets down the minimum terms and conditions for employment. These provisions deal with the minimum wage, overtime pay, holidays, rest days, working hours, and safety in the workplace. Employment Law in Portugal also allows an hour bank as a valid working condition wherein employers are allowed to extend the working time of an employee per day, but with a maximum number of hours a week. It is every employees right to have these working conditions met. Let our attorneys in Portugal make sure that these working conditions are met.

Trade unions

Employment Law in Portugal upholds the rights of employees to organize themselves and form trade unions. Through trade unions they are allowed to:
- enter into collective bargaining agreements;
- provide social and economic services to their members;
- participate in drafting labor regulations;
- represent employees in litigating labor disputes;  
- take part in the general structuring of the company.
Our law firm in Portugal has experience in assisting employees in forming trade unions.

Remedies against violations of the Labor Code

When employees' rights are violated, such as being paid below minimum wage or when the working hours are beyond the allowable time, they can seek for protection and enforcement through the courts. Remedies for violations include pecuniary compensations for damages, reinstatement to latest position and salary and back wages. The employer pays the wages of the employees during litigation. Our Portuguese lawyers can help you seek remedy in court. 
If you want to know more about the Employment Law in Portugal, just visit our law firm. We are more than capable to assist you.