Wealth Management in Portugal

Wealth Management in Portugal

Updated on Tuesday 19th December 2017

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Wealth-Management-in-Portugal.jpgWealth management in Portugal includes practices like investment management, asset protection or tax planning. These are accessible both to Portuguese residents but also to investors in the country and non-residents who are employed and are living in Portugal.
One of our lawyers in Portugal can give you complete information and assistance, as needed, on any laws related to tax planning, taxation in general and how you can adopt an efficient wealth management strategy.

Options for wealth management in Portugal

Wealth management services are available throughout Portugal and they are used by a variety of clients, including high net worth individuals, foreign investors, entrepreneurs or expats in Portugal. The service combines professional financial advice with investment opportunities (for those who are also interested in investing) and estate planning, including retirement planning.
The investment advice is tailored to the needs of the clients and the services provided by the experts at our law firm in Portugal are in line with the current legislation for foreign investments.
Our team of attorneys in Portugal who specialize in tax laws can give you complete information on the laws for investments and the legal practices for tax minimization.

Specialized services for wealth management 

Wealth management services can focus on maintaining a client’s assets through different strategies, however, some clients will also request additional services, focused on increasing the existing wealth. Wealth management specialists can use specialized investment tools for this purpose and they may recommend their clients to open an investment fund in Portugal.
Investors who want to open a wealth management company in Portugal can do so by observing the Company Law and they can start by choosing an original company name and a suitable business form. All companies in Portugal are registered with the Commercial Register. 
Contact our law firm in Portugal for detailed information on specific laws, including those related to investments, asset protection, and tax planning.