Virtual Office in Portugal

Virtual Office in Portugal

Updated on Monday 28th October 2019

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Virtual-Office-in-Portugal.jpgHaving a virtual office in Portugal is a convenient solution for many investors who need to gain local credibility by having a local address and a  meeting and/or office space. Our lawyers in Portugal have worked with many international clients and can provide a consultation on the advantages of a virtual office for your business in Portugal. This is also a good option if you already have a company headquarters in one Portuguese city and are interested in expanding in other areas in the country.

The advantages of the virtual office in Portugal

The workspaces are located in modern and fully equipped office buildings and they provide a cost-efficient solution for those companies or entrepreneurs who are looking to gain local recognition on the market. Entrepreneurs who purchase a virtual office package have all of the advantages of having a traditional office, only that the headquarters is located at a predetermined location provided by a third party and not in a building or office rented by the company owner and then furnished and equipped to meet the needs of the company in Portugal.

What does a virtual office package in Portugal comprise?

Our virtual office package includes modern offices located in convenient locations throughout the main Portuguese cities. Investors who are looking for more flexible solutions or are interested in purchasing only a part of our services can get in touch with our lawyers in Portugal for more information on our locations and facilities.  Also, we mention that the following facilities include the following:
  1.  A central business address that offers credibility and the registered address needed for company formation in Portugal.
  2.  A cost-efficient workspace, with a modern design.
  3. Complete technologies needed to operate a business.
  4.  A good business environment, suitable for all types of entrepreneurs.
  5.  Mail and fax forwarding services.
  6.  Local telephone number.
  7.  Voice mailbox.
  8.  Office space plus meeting rooms, as needed.
  9.  Collection of bank statements, if requested.

Who can buy virtual office packages in Portugal?

Domestic or foreign entrepreneurs interested in the Portuguese business market can address the attention to the benefits of a virtual office in Portugal. It is important to know your potential clients and the market in which you want to introduce your operations, therefore, instead of starting a business from scratch by opening a physical office, you can ask about the available virtual packages. One of our advisors in Portugal can offer complete information and support in this direction. Virtual office services in Portugal can be bought by any type of entrepreneur who has a specific budget or who wants to settle the business direction before starting the operations.

What are the advantages of a virtual office in Portugal?

One should know that a virtual office package in Portugal is at a fraction of costs compared to a traditional office. Besides this benefit, clients can have a private local number and receive all the information needs as agreed in the first place. Also, all the secretary matters can be properly handled by a virtual assistant in charge of your business in Portugal. Your inquiries about the virtual office in Portugal can be directed to our Portuguese attorneys who can also explain the main steps involved in opening a company in this country. 

When do I receive a virtual office package?

As soon as your request for purchasing a virtual office package in Portugal is made, you can receive such services in approximately 12 hours. We remind that a virtual office package comes with a prestigious business address in one of the main cities in Portugal, a virtual assistant, a local phone number linked to the business and also a meeting room fully equipped. A video conference room or a training room can be offered on request for varied types of meetings with potential clients or customers. In-depth support and information about the virtual office services in Portugal can be offered by one of our Portuguese lawyers.

Do I receive a virtual assistant?

Yes, a virtual assistant is offered when the virtual office package is purchased. The daily activities and secretary matters can be properly handled by a virtual assistant part of the virtual office packages available for purchase in Portugal.

Extra facilities part of a virtual office package

Virtual office packages in Portugal comprise a series of facilities and among these, a notable business address and a private business office. Therefore, some might be interested in digital services and storage, video conferences, scanning, printing, laminating, local and international phone calls with the available digital technology or extra usage of meeting rooms. Cloud-based applications are also part of the virtual office packages in Portugal, so foreign entrepreneurs can ask for this kind of facility at any time. 

FAQ about virtual offices packages in Portugal

1. Do I receive a business address in Portugal?
Yes, once you buy a virtual office package you automatically receive a business address in one of the main cities of Portugal. All you have to do is to tell us where you want your business to be located.
2. Who can buy virtual office services in Portugal?
Anyone interested in having a business in Portugal can ask for virtual office packages. Entrepreneurs who do not want to open a traditional office in Portugal might be attracted by the advantages of a virtual office package.
3. What are the prices for virtual office packages in Portugal?
One can pay around EUR 33 per month for a complete virtual office package in Portugal, but for more details and a personalized offer you should talk to one of our consultants.
4. Do I receive a virtual assistant with the virtual office package?
Yes, our virtual office packages come with a virtual office in charge of the daily activities in your firm, in agreement with your business needs. Feel free to address your questions to one of our Portuguese lawyers if you have any concerns about virtual office packages.
5. When do I receive my virtual office package?
Your virtual office package can be ready in approximately 12 hours from the time you made a request in this matter. 
6. Do I receive a business address in Lisbon?
Yes, you can choose Lisbon for your business to start and tell us from the beginning of your preferences.
7. Do I have maintenance and employment costs?
No, virtual office packages in Portugal are not subject to costs which are normally connected to traditional business offices in Portugal.
8. Can I receive details before buying virtual office services in Portugal?
Yes, all your concerns or question marks you might have about a virtual office package can be clarified by one of our lawyers in Portugal.
9. Do I receive a private phone number in Portugal?
Yes, besides the business phone number, entrepreneurs will also receive a private number in Portugal.
10. Who takes care of emails and phones for my business in Portugal?
Your virtual assistant will handle the emails, phone calls and faxes in your firm and direct them to you as agreed.
Below you can find some interesting facts and figures about the investment and business direction of Portugal:
  • • around USD 4,895 million was the FDI flow registered in Portugal in 2018;
  • • for minimum investments of at least EUR 350,000, entrepreneurs can obtain naturalization in Portugal;
  • • according to “2019 Doing Business Report”, Portugal ranks 34th out of 190 worldwide economies;
  • • by the end of 2020, EUR 6.7 billion are expected to be invested in Portugal’s infrastructure.
You can contact our team of lawyers in Portugal for more information on purchasing a virtual office space and the next steps in doing business in the country.