Start an Amazon Store in Portugal

Start an Amazon Store in Portugal

Updated on Monday 29th January 2018

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Start-an-Amazon-Store-in-Portugal.jpgAmazon is one of the top online shopping website used in Portugal, as well as the rest of Europe. The Internet retailer is one of the first large companies that have sold goods via the world wide web and diversified its list of goods to include not only books and digital content but also electronics, clothing and, more recently, organic food.
The Amazon marketplace offers opportunities for manufacturers and resellers alike. Investors who wish to start an Amazon store in Portugal can follow the key steps described below by our team of attorneys in Portugal.

Amazon marketplace in Portugal

Amazon offers both the option of direct sale or selling wholesale as well as third-party sales. The latter means that the entrepreneur purchases the items from the manufacturer after which he sells them on Amazon as a reseller. Companies in Portugal can do so, in addition to selling their own products on the e-commerce website.
Investors who wish to sell on Amazon have access to more than 300 billion active users worldwide. However, those who start an Amazon store in Portugal can benefit from a more direct access to the local Portuguese market.
Operating this type of store will mean that the entrepreneur will have to set up proper payment methods. These include PayPal and credit/debit card payments. A company in Portugal may access credit or debit card payments via a third-party payment processor, which means that the company will need to open a merchant account.

Opening a store in Portugal

Company formation in Portugal in a simple process, that includes a few key steps. Investors need to choose the company type and the company name (which has to be unique and pre-approved), draw up the Articles of Association and register the company with the Commercial Registry Office. An online and an on-the-spot company setup method is available in the country.
One of our lawyers in Portugal can give you detailed information about the different types of companies and the requirements for a minimum share capital.
Contact the experts at our law firm in Portugal for complete legal services for starting a business.