Set up a FMCG Company in Portugal

Set up a FMCG Company in Portugal

Updated on Thursday 04th October 2018

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Set-up-a-FMCG-Company-in-Portugal.jpgFMCG or the fast-moving consumer goods sector as it is known is for sure one of the generous and prolific fields in Portugal because it covers a wide range of products that are directed to everyone. Foodstuff, cosmetics, household, and hygiene products are of high importance, therefore, it is a good idea to implement your activities in the FMCG sector in Portugal. We invite you to talk to our team of lawyers in Portugal in order to find out information about how you can open a company in Portugal in the FMCG sector.

How can I register an LLC in the FMCG sector in Portugal?

Because the limited liability company is the most common structure for most of the activities, also known as a Portuguese LDA, a company in the FMCG sector can be easily established if the following requirements are respected:
  • at least two shareholders and a minimum share capital of EUR 5,000 are necessary for the LLC in Portugal
  • a board of managers appointed by the owners will run the company with activities in the FMCG sector in Portugal
  • one should observe the tax requirements for a business in Portugal, meaning that a VAT registration is necessary;
  • if you are hiring staff, please observe the social contributions in this sense.

Who can open a company in the FMCG sector in Portugal?

Investors from abroad who are interested in generating high revenues in the retail sector should direct the attention to the FMCG sector and its large opportunities. Because these are daily consumption products, the profits in this sector are huge. For example, a 4.2% rate represents the growth in the consumption sector for 2017 in Portugal. Whether you are a local or foreign entrepreneur looking to thrive in Portugal, we invite you to get in touch with our attorneys in Portugal for assistance and information.

Short facts about the FMCG sector

Low prices and fast consumption are two of the characteristics of the FMCG sector in Portugal which continues to attract business persons in a large number. Among the reasons why you should direct the attention to the FMCG field in Portugal, we mention that the country has an extremely developed tourism sector and serious profits registered. A retail shop can be found in malls, duty-free shops, supermarkets or any related shopping centers not only in big cities but also in other municipalities. Likewise, you might want to extend the business on the internet and open a website for your company or a store on Amazon with operations in the retail sector.
We kindly invite you to contact our law firm in Portugal and ask for legal support and assistance in opening a company in the FMCG sector.