Road Transportation Law in Portugal

Road Transportation Law in Portugal

Updated on Tuesday 04th April 2017

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Road-Transportation-Law-in-Portugal.jpgTransport in Portugal is well-developed and it includes terrestrial and maritime transportation. 
The Road Transportation Law in Portugal is enforced by the Ministry of Planning and Infrastructure. Investments in transport and infrastructure, future developments as well as rules and regulations for transporting goods and people are under the supervision of the Ministry.
Our team of lawyers in Portugal can provide you with information on the requirements for transporting goods or people across the country.

The Portuguese road sector

Road transportation in Portugal is well-developed and allows for easy and convenient access across the country. Developments in infrastructure allowed for the existence of an extensive highway network, owned and operated in part by private entities.
The road network in Portugal includes a fundamental network (approximately 2600 km of main roads), the complimentary network and the regional network. The National Highway Network is a separate sub-division of the road network.
Portugal has national road plans, the current one being the 2000 National Road Plan, an optimization of the previous one from 1985, with several additions in the national network. 
Roads in Portugal are under the administration of the National Road Plan. The country has modern and motorways and its road transport infrastructure is among the best in Europe. Scenic roads also exist in the country, making it a good opportunity for travel companies in Portugal to provide special packages for tourists.
The extensive road network is the main advantage for import and export companies based in Portugal. Business owners who want to engage in a transport business need to obtain special permits and licenses. One of our lawyers in Portugal can give you more information on these mandatory licenses. 

Road transportation requirements in Portugal

Portugal has a good road network and many of the main rules and regulations for driving that apply throughout Europe will also be valid in Portugal. Drivers must have a driving license, insurance, and the vehicle registration documents. EU driving licenses are accepted in the country. The Portuguese authority in charge of traffic safety, regulations and control is the Institute of Mobility and Transport.
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