Open an IT Company in Portugal

Open an IT Company in Portugal

Updated on Monday 07th May 2018

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Open-an-IT-Company-in-Portugal.jpgInformation and technology or IT companies offer information system solutions, from software programming to network design and installation, IT security or network services administration. Investors who open an IT company in Portugal will need to follow the basic company registration steps.
Foreign investors can start a business in Portugal with virtually the same rights as local entrepreneurs, provided that they comply with the applicable work permit requirements and those for the minimum capital for company formation.
Our team of lawyers in Portugal can give you complete details on how to start a business and comply with the ongoing requirements.

Services offered by IT companies in Portugal

IT companies can offer a host of services to their clients. The total number of services can depend on the size of the company as well as the number of employees. Here are some examples of commonly offered services, presented by our team of attorneys in Portugal.
  • Website design: while some companies focus solely on providing these types of services, website design can be part of a larger offer to clients who choose to work with a certain company; the Portuguese IT company can also hire freelancer designers or self-employed individuals
  • Software solutions: includes coding, testing, software design and, for some clients, extensive and in-depth programming with various options for the programming language
  • Complete network services: the full LAN design and installation, LAN administration and upgrades as well as testing and repairs
  • Technical support: this is a service typically offered by most of the companies, appreciated and often highly needed by clients

The steps for company formation in Portugal

Once investors decide to open an IT company in Portugal, there are a few steps that need to be completed. These include:
- choosing a business structure, such as the limited liability company;
- choose an available business name and the location of the registered office;
- commence the actual incorporation process, which also allows for an online and on-the-spot company formation.
This is the simplified company formation method. However, investors can also start their business by following the traditional company formation steps, by making a submission to the Commercial Registry and the tax authorities, as needed. 
Contact our law firm in Portugal for complete assistance during the company registration steps and guidance on the most important legal matters to consider when starting an IT company.