Open an Energy Company in Portugal

Open an Energy Company in Portugal

Updated on Monday 26th September 2022

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Open-an-energy-company-in-Portugal.jpgThe energy sector in Portugal is complex and directed to a wide range of commercial and industrial operations, serving to small, medium and large consumers. Having a complete attention on the green projects and renewable energy resources, Portugal is open to investments in the energy sector and sustains it with a series of incentives. Foreigners looking to open a company in the energy sector in Portugal should seek legal advice from our team of lawyers in Portugal.

How can I set up an energy company in Portugal?

The production and the supply of electricity and natural gas in Portugal through related companies must respect the provisions of the Decree-Law no. 109/94. The Directorate General of Energy and Geology in Portugal certifies companies with activities in the energy sector. Opening an energy company in Portugal can be done as a private or public limited liability company or as a joint-stock company if it is meant to serve to produce energy at a large scale. The legal requirements for opening such a business should be attentively measured, bearing in mind that our attorneys in Portugal can provide the needed guidance in this matter.

Incentives in the energy sector in Portugal

A series of tax incentives are at the disposal of foreigners wanting to activate in the energy field in this country, and besides that, they can access varied financing rules if they are interested in using the resources for complete efficiency and sustainability, such as:
  • encouraging the use of ecological-friendly transport and sustainable mobility;
  • sponsoring the manufacture and the supply of energy from renewable resources in Portugal;
  • supporting the energy efficiency for home and industrial consumption, plus public infrastructures;
  • developing their companies with new technologies and infrastructure in Portugal.
Having a clear picture of the legislation in the energy sector can help an investor easily establish a company in this field. Legal assistance is at the disposal of foreigners willing to activate through their businesses in Portugal.

The regulatory body of the energy sector in Portugal

The Energy Services Regulatory Authority (ERSE) oversees the activities of companies in this field, whether they are producers or suppliers of energy in Portugal. ERSE is the national regulatory authority of the energy sector in Portugal, an independent entity that applies the provisions of Decree-Law no. 97/2002 and the recently revised Decree-Law no. 212/2012.
We invite you to get in touch with our law firm in Portugal and find out the legal requirements for opening a company in the energy sector in Portugal.