Open a Hotel in Portugal

Open a Hotel in Portugal

Updated on Friday 23rd November 2018

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Open-a-Hotel-in-Portugal.jpgThe tourism sector in Portugal is both booming and representative for the country’s stable economy. Deciding for a travel agency or for a hotel in Portugal represents a great business idea for many investors from abroad looking to enlarge their activities in this part of Europe. In order to understand the legal matters for opening a hotel in Portugal, we invite you to address to our Portuguese lawyers specialized in company formation in Portugal. They have experience in helping entrepreneurs starting a business in Portugal.

What are the necessary licenses for opening a hotel in Portugal?

The Real Estate Construction Institute or INCI in Portugal is the institution that issues the health and safety standard licenses for any structure built in this country. The same authority releases the construction permits for your hotel in Portugal. As for the necessary licenses for establishing a business in the construction sector, these are issued by the Office for Tourism in Portugal.  If you would like to know the legal aspects for obtaining the needed licenses and permits for a hotel in Portugal, we suggest you address to our attorneys in Portugal.

Conditions to open a hotel in Portugal

Any business in Portugal is registered as soon as the owner decides for the proper structure like limited liability company (the most common business structure), joint stock company, partnership or sole proprietorship. In the case of a hotel, the LLC is a suitable business form which can be established respecting the following matters:
  • the name verification and reservation start with the Trade Register in Portugal;
  • after the company registration, one must apply for special licenses and permits in respect with the Construction and Engineering Law in Portugal;
  • the registration for tax purposes is the next step before opening the hotel in Portugal;
  • the Registries and Notaries in Portugal will issue the Certificate of Admissibility for your business.
It is suggested to solicit legal assistance in any company formation in Portugal if you are a foreign investor who wants to understand the legislation in this country and its applicability. Please feel free to contact our lawyers in Portugal specialized in company formation if you would like to open a hotel in Portugal.