Open a Company in the Agricultural Sector in Portugal

Open a Company in the Agricultural Sector in Portugal

Updated on Thursday 22nd March 2018

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Open-a-Company-in-the-Agricultural-Sector-in-Portugal.jpgPortugal’s climatic conditions and natural resources allow for a high degree of agricultural productivity. The country is a producer of vegetables and cereals, fruits, and also an important exporter. 
Entrepreneurs who open a company in the agricultural sector in Portugal can focus on growing crops or on keeping livestock, among which several types of bees are recognized as Portuguese protected designation or origin beef brands. 
The opportunities in this business sector are diverse and investments are also open to foreign entrepreneurs. Investors can request specialized company formation assistance, as well as legal advice for investments, form our team of attorneys in Portugal

Agriculture in Portugal 

The agricultural sector in Portugal is favored by the country’s climatic and geographical conditions. Agriculture in Portugal is a sector where small businesses coexist with large farming units that are largely export-oriented.
Portugal produces a wide range of crops and vegetables as well as fruits and it is also known for its microclimatic conditions for producing quality wines. In terms of animal farming, Portugal is well known its beef meat. The country also has certified regions for producing cheese.
Investors can also focus on organic farming, a sub-sector that has been increasing in recent years. Farmers in Portugal, particularly those who observe certain farming methods, can receive special economic aid. Our team of lawyers in Portugal can help you with information about the financial support that may apply to your business.

Opening a company in Portugal

Entrepreneurs who wish to enter the agricultural business sector need to observe the legal requirements for starting a business. The process begins with selecting a suitable legal form for the new business, an advantageous one being the private limited company. 
The company registration process is a straightforward one, with an option for online registration (only for selected business types). All companies in Portugal need to be registered for tax purposes, which is done at a Tax Office. Our team of attorneys in Portugal can help answer any questions about the company registration process or about the laws for doing business in specific fields.
Contact our law firm in Portugal for complete legal services regardless of business type. We can help you open a company as well as provide legal assistance and counseling.