Obtaining Visa for Portugal

Obtaining Visa for Portugal

Updated on Friday 05th January 2018

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Obtaining-Visa-for-Portugal.jpgIndividuals traveling to the country will need to consider obtaining a visa for Portugal, depending on the reason of their visit and the length of stay. There are several types of visas available for foreigners who travel to Portugal, including the student visa, the work or temporary stay visas.
One of our lawyers in Portugal can help you apply for the type of Portuguese visa that suits your needs and can give you additional information on the laws applicable to foreign workers or entrepreneurs.

Visa requirements in Portugal

The requirements for obtaining a visa for Portugal will depend on the nationality of the foreign visitor. As such, United States, Canadian and Australian citizens who travel to the country can stay for up to 90 days without a visa but with a valid passport (with a validity of at least six months).
European nationals may travel to Portugal without a visa and stay in the country for longer periods of time, however, those who plan on staying for more than three months must register with the local authorities for residency purposes. Entrepreneurs and employees in Portugal who are foreign nationals who have been living in the country for several years may apply for permanent residency after a five-year period.
Nationals from countries that are not part of the Schengen area will need a passport or ID card to travel to Portugal. Different conditions apply to citizens of countries that are not a Schengen Zone member. Individuals from Algeria, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, India, Maldives, Thailand, Turkey Syria and other countries will need to apply for a Portuguese Schengen Visa. One of our lawyers in Portugal can give you complete details on how to apply for this visa.

Types of visas in Portugal

The Portuguese visa can be issued for different purposes of stay in the country, such as tourist purposes, business purposes (with relevant documents supporting the purpose of the business trip), medical purposes (with relevant medical attestation), cultural, sports or film purposes or family reunification. 
The general documents needed for a Portuguese visa will include the application, form, photographs, the flight itinerary and booking reservations, financial means while in the country and proof of employment or retirement when needed.
You can contact our law firm in Portugal for complete assistance for visa purposes and for all issues concerned with the Family Law in the country.