Marriage in Portugal

Marriage in Portugal

Updated on Friday 03rd May 2019

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Inheritance-Law-in-Portugal.jpgPortugal is among the preferred destinations for couples who want to get married outside their countries of origin and benefit from great conditions and appealing landscapes. Marriage in Portugal is subject to a few rules and regulations and foreign citizens should know beforehand what the requirements are and if the ceremonies are legally recognized. One of our lawyers in Portugal can answer all your questions about the documents needed to get married in the country.

Getting married in Portugal

The future spouses may get married in Portugal only according to the Portuguese law, namely the Family Law. Foreign visitors or non-residents need to obtain the marriage licenses from a Portuguese Civil Registry Office. One of our attorneys in Portugal can provide you with a list of the local Civil Registry Offices throughout the country. In Portugal, a Catholic Church wedding is legally binding. Both of these ceremonies are conducted in Portuguese and if you choose to marry at a church, you should make arrangements in advance with the local Catholic priest.
One of our lawyers in Portugal can answer your questions regarding the civil wedding if you choose to perform both ceremonies in the country. 

Document requirements for marriage in Portugal

A couple who decides to get married in Portugal must apply for a marriage license. It usually takes approximately one month for the Portuguese authorities to process this request. The two spouses must each provide a set of documents needed for the marriage registration:
  • valid passports or resident permits plus the divorce certificate (if previously married);
  • certificate of no impediment to marriage showing you are allowed to get married;
  • proof you paid the fees at the Embassy or Consulate in Portugal
  • MP1 and MP2 forms need to be completed by foreigners willing to get married in Portugal
Portuguese authorities may ask you to provide a translation of the documents listed above. Our lawyers in Portugal can help you prepare all of the needed documents so that you will have all of the needed documents when you present in front of the Civil Registry. You may choose to have a translator when you perform either of the marriage ceremonies in Portugal. Once the Registrar issues the marriage certificate, the couple is officially married. 

How religious marriage takes place in Portugal?

From the beginning, we mention that if you are divorced, but the marriage wasn't annulled, you cannot get married in Portugal. Here are a few rules to consider when getting married in Portugal:
  1. Civil ceremonies are conducted in Portuguese, therefore, you might want a translator.
  2. If the marriage license is issued, the event can take place in approximately 3 months.
  3. Civil ceremonies are mandatory before the religious one takes place, in order for the marriage to be registered and recognized.
  4. Different Anglican churches are not licensed for marriages of foreigners in Portugal.

 Documents for Catholic weddings in Portugal

Besides the above-mentioned documents, catholic citizens will have to pay attention to other documents to:
  • A letter from the Bishop of your community showing you can marry in Portugal.
  • A document granting permission to marry in a Catholic church in Portugal.
  • All PRE CANA procedures in form of a letter and issued by the priest.
  • The prenuptial inquiry form issued by your parish in the country of origin.
  • The baptism, first communion and confirmation certificates stamped by the local Bishop.
  • A document showing the permission of mixed religious if one of the citizens do not share the same religion.
It is mandatory to consider the fact that all the documents need to be translated into Portuguese and sealed by the Bishop’s parish office. Feel free to ask for extra information about how to get married in Portugal from our team of attorneys in Portugal who can also help you with all the needed documents.

 How do I get married as an Australian citizen in Portugal?

First of all, citizens from Australia will have to get in touch with the Portuguese Civil Registry Office and announce the intention of getting married in Portugal. It is important to know that the civil marriage will have to take place to the civil registry assigned to the residence address of the Portuguese citizen wanting to get married to the Australian citizen. There are no harsh requirements in terms of documents, but couples need to present the certificate of no impediment to marriage, the original birth certificates and the Australian passports. The residency permit might be solicited instead of the passport, however, it is best to consider both documents at the time of marriage registration. Australian citizens need to consider the fact that the marriage application and the approval take approximately four weeks and granted for three months, meaning that the citizens will have to get married during this time. The Australian Embassy and the Portuguese Civil Registry Office collaborate in civil marriages and can direct couples throughout the entire process. The legal support and advice from our Portuguese lawyers are also needed, so you should address your inquiries to our team if you are an Australian citizen wanting to get married in Portugal.

Is same-sex marriage allowed in Portugal?

Yes, same-sex partners can easily get married in Portugal without having to consider any complex formalities. Portugal aligns with countries like Austria, Australia, Brazil, Belgium, Denmark, Colombia, UK, Mexico, New Zealand, Malta, Norway, South Africa, Sweden, Spain, Finland, Germany, France, Luxembourg, Ireland, the Netherlands, Argentina, Canada, Iceland, Uruguay, Estonia, Israel and Armenia that recognize and allow same-sex partners to get married and benefit from a legal civil wedding. Marriage equality presents high importance in Portugal and it is stipulated by the Marriage Law. This set of laws mentions that the same-sex couples enjoy the same equal rights as normal couples who want to enter a marriage in Portugal, the country putting the accent on human and social rights without restrictions, regardless of religious and political beliefs. Whether you are a foreign or a domestic couple willing to marry in Portugal, it is recommended to ask for support and guidance, plus legal advice from our team of lawyers in Portugal. They can help you in matters of documents and forms, in order for you to skip any misunderstandings or authority rejections.
You can contact our law firm in Portugal if you have any questions on the laws for marriage, divorce and living in Portugal.