Buy Luxury Real Estate in Lisbon

Buy Luxury Real Estate in Lisbon

Updated on Saturday 24th April 2021

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Buy luxury real estate in Lisbon.jpgThe luxury real estate sector in Portugal attracts many investors and also foreigners who simply want to retire in this beautiful country. Lisbon, the capital, is preferred for relocation and also investments. Those who want to purchase luxury real estate in Lisbon can get in touch with our Portuguese lawyers and find out information about the formalities implicated. Those interested in opening a company in this sector can talk to our experts and ask for support.

Steps in buying a luxury property in Lisbon

First of all, if you decide on purchasing a property in Portugal, it is recommended to ask for the support of an experienced lawyer in this field. There are different formalities implicated in the process that might not be fully understood by foreigners who wish to buy a luxury real estate property in Lisbon. We present you a few steps implicated in the process of buying a real estate property in Lisbon, Portugal:
  • A promissory agreement or a sale-purchase contract comprises information about the property, such as owners, future proprietors, the price, sale conditions, and more.
  • The contract is then legally notarized at a public notary and submitted to the Land Registry in Portugal.
  • Specific taxes must be paid for the property transfer that normally does not exceed the 8% rate.
We would like to mention that a property contract must be verified from a legal point of view by a specialist. Our Portuguese lawyer with experience in the real estate sector knows how a property agreement should look like. Moreover, possible breaches or errors can be detected after a preliminary verification of such a contract. You can discuss more on this topic with our experts if you wish to buy luxury real estate in Lisbon.

Buying a property in Lisbon – What should I choose

The luxury real estate sector of Lisbon is quite attractive and allows potential buyers to choose from varied types of properties. Villas, condominiums, duplexes, luxury apartments, and studios can be found for sale in Lisbon, and people look not only for excellent surroundings but also for tranquility and top facilities. We present you a few examples of luxury real estate properties you can purchase in Lisbon:
  • A luxury home of more than 500 square meters in Cascais el Estoril, Lisbon can be purchased for approximately EUR 3,5 million.
  • For more than EUR 6,8 million you can buy a luxurious home in the same region in Lisbon, Portugal.
  • A luxury apartment with 5 bedrooms located in the heart of Lisbon might cost around EUR 3,7 million.
  • Sintra is another popular place in Lisbon, with high-class properties. A luxury home in this district has a price of more than EUR 1,9 million.
These are a few examples of luxurious houses and their average prices, that can be purchased in Lisbon. If you would like to know more about the properties available for sale in Lisbon and about the ways you can buy one, feel free to address your inquiries to one of our experts in the field. Our lawyers in Portugal collaborate with top specialists in the real estate sector, so you can have the guarantee you can make the right decisions with our complete support. Interested in buying a property in Portugal after Brexit? Talk to us.

Can I buy a property in Lisbon as an investment?

Making investments in the real estate sector in Lisbon, Portugal is quite attractive for foreign entrepreneurs. It is known that the real estate market in Portugal is constantly expanding and it is very attractive for those who want to work in this field and generate profits. For example, you can consider buying luxury properties in Lisbon to rent to tourists who want to visit the city or to those who want to move permanently and look for such houses. We remind you that Lisbon is one of the European cities that offers the best living conditions, so many want to relocate to Portugal for this reason. If you would like to buy a property in Portugal after Brexit , talk to our agents.

Ask for Portugal Golden Visa

Another option to purchase a luxury property in Portugal is to apply for the Golden Visa Program, a successful product implemented by the Portuguese government. Among the conditions imposed by this program is the investment of at least EUR 250,000 in a property in order to benefit from various advantages such as permanent residence, including for the family, and the possibility of gaining citizenship after a few years.
The program is extremely advantageous for foreigners, and highly appreciated, especially since Portugal is truly a luxury destination in terms of real estate investments.
Find out from our lawyers in Portugal more details on how to buy a luxury real estate property in Lisbon, the country's capital. Contact us for details and discuss all the details with our specialists about buying a property in Portugal after Brexit.