Listing on the Stock Exchange in Lisbon

Listing on the Stock Exchange in Lisbon

Updated on Wednesday 01st November 2017

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Listing-on-the-Stock-Exchange-in-Lisbon .jpgThe Lisbon Stock Exchange is the main stock exchange in Portugal, allowing for trades in bonds, stocks, exchange-traded funds as well as other derivatives. It is also known as Euronext Lisbon and its benchmark index is the PSI 20. 
The main regulatory agency for the stock exchange is the Portuguese Securities Market Commission, which both supervises and regulates the financial markets. The Portuguese Securities Code is the main legislative document, together with other decrees and laws.
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Listing requirements on the Lisbon Stock Exchange

A special team belonging to Euronext Lisbon supervises the admission process for company shares listed on the exchange. These experts provide adequate counseling, recommendations, and a financial analysis for the company to be listed. The listing application is reviewed and approved by the Euronext Listing Board.
Admission to listing and trading on Euronext Lisbon or Euronext Growth is performed either by submitting an Initial Public Offering (a public offering of the shared of a private company) or by completing a private placement. Direct listing is also possible. 
Only some types of companies may be listed on the stock exchange and these are the joint-stock companies. This type of legal entity may have two types of shares, the ordinary and the preferred shares.
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Requirements for companies listed on the Lisbon Stock Exchange

Prior to listing, companies in Portugal not only need to be deemed suitable for listing but they also have to undergo a process of preparation before they can become listed on the stock exchange. These preparations include disclosing all and any necessary information and undergoing a due diligence process.
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