GDPR Regulations in Portugal

GDPR Regulations in Portugal

Updated on Monday 16th July 2018

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GDPR regulations in Portugal.jpgThe government in Portugal aligned with the EU regulations regarding the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) since May 25th, 2018. This set of rules is meant to offer extra protection for individuals and their private data online and offline. GDPR regulations in Portugal can be explained by our team of attorneys in Portugal. Our advisors can also explain to investors the legislation related to foreign investments and can help them establish their businesses in Portugal.

What is GDPR?

According to the EU parliament, legislation no 2016/679 mostly known as GDPR entered into force this year in May in all countries part of the European Union, for a better control of private data. The ways in which collecting, dealing and using the personal information on the internet is now protected through a series of regulations as set by GDPR.  The 2018 GDPR regulations replaced the former Data Protection Directive 1995.

How should companies respect the GDPR policies in Portugal?

All businesses with establishments in Portugal already agreed on the new GDPR regulations and the ways in which the personal information is now protected. In this direction, the following strategies have been adopted by companies in Portugal, whether they perform online activities or not:
  • a transparent policy regarding the data processing needs to be provided;
  • individuals have now the possibility of reading full information about what happens with their private data once they access a webpage;
  • companies are entitled to offer to customers the chance of deciding what happens with their personal information.
  • security procedures are now better explained for all online and offline clients.
The private data is extremely important for each individual and for companies too, therefore, we are at your service with legal support, assistance, and solutions for a proper implementation of GDPR regulations in Portugal.

Personal information retention periods in Portugal

With the new GDPR regulations, the private data of individuals in Portugal can be kept only for an established period of time, depending on the purpose for which they are processed. Any breach of such regulations can affect companies in Portugal from a financial point of view. Authorities can impose serious fines which can sum up approximately 4% of the worldwide income.
Instead of dealing with legal issues regarding the GDPR regulations, we invite you to contact our law firm in Portugal.