Fiduciary Services in Portugal

Fiduciary Services in Portugal

Updated on Tuesday 10th April 2018

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Fiduciary-Services-Portugal.jpgFiduciary services in Portugal may be used both by companies in need of wealth management and investment strategies but also by individuals looking for succession planning solutions and family wealth protection.
Our team of lawyers in Portugal offers a comprehensive array of services, both corporate and for individual financial planning. 

Trust services in Portugal

A fiduciary in Portugal is a party entrusted with the management of assets. The agreement between the two parties is based on a transfer of ownership to the fiduciary, who will thus be empowered and trusted to manage the assets to the best interests of the beneficial owner.
Fiduciary management is thus another type of asset management services, based on the clearly established transfer relationship. The fiduciary will use a combination of strategies to increase and protect the assets of the beneficial owner.
Although fiduciary services are also available to individuals, in practice this asset management type is more commonly used by institutions and companies in Portugal. Nevertheless, investors and high-income individuals in Portugal can also benefit from appointing a trusted financial advisor and manager. Examples of fiduciary services for individuals include inheritance tax planning, succession planning or retirement planning. Our team of lawyers in Portugal can give you additional information on these professional services.

Fiduciary package prepared by our lawyers in Portugal

Companies in Portugal looking to extend their investment portfolio or those that wish to find solutions for equity investment or wealth management and the management of guarantees can request the fiduciary services package offered by our attorneys in Portugal.
Our team works together with tax planning experts to provide the most suitable corporate solutions for investment portfolio diversification and asset protection. Some of our services for Portuguese companies include investment and wealth management strategies, tax planning, risk reduction and management, packages for employees (beneficial for attracting and retaining workforce) as well as general investment and legal consultancy. 
Contact our law firm in Portugal to find out more about the full range of professional and corporate fiduciary services we provide.