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Employer of Record in Portugal

Updated on Wednesday 31st August 2022

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Employer of Record in Portugal
Employer of record in Portugal is the same thing as Portugauese PEO and involves hiring and registering workers, without the need to establish an entity and in compliance with local legislation. Our lawyers in Portugal are at your disposal with this type of service in a fast and reliable manner.

What you need to know about the employer of record in Portugal

Portuguese PEO involves a fairly simple hiring process but is slightly different from the normal one because an employee can be registered in just a few days. What is important to mention is that the selected employee can work on behalf of your company exactly like a normal one to fulfill the requirements and responsibilities you have in the company. Let's review other important aspects:
  • We can be your employer of record in Portugal and ensure that the employment contract complies with the legislation in force.
  • The 3-month trial period before the final employment will be taken into account.
  • The standard 40 hours of work per week is respected, but there is flexibility in this regard.
  • Around EUR 822 is the minimum wage in Portugal, and extra hours are paid extra.
  • According to the Employment Law in Portugal, there is a bonus for employees, which is offered at the end of the year.
  • If employees work on days off, they are paid extra with arround 50% of approximately EUR 16 allocated to an hour of work.
For more remote employment operations for your business, you can request our help. We have a team of experts at your service. Moreover, if interested in the services of our immigration lawyers in Portugal, give us a call.

Responsibilities of employer of record in Portugal

Portuguese PEO assumes a series of responsibilities regarding remote employment. If you own a company and need such services, you must know what it involves.
In addition to finalizing the employment contract, the employer of record in Portugal also takes care of local payroll and the payment of related taxes. Issuing payslips and distribution of salary in a designated bank account is also a responsibility of a PEO in Portugal. Any unclear aspects regarding employees can be carefully managed by an expert in the field. Get in touch with our Portuguese lawyer.
We also mention the services of our immigration lawyers in Portugal, if interested. We can help non-EU citizens with the immigration to Portugal and related formalities.

How can an employment contract be terminated?

There is no "at will" employment in Portugal, so concluding an employment contract must have a basis. For example, such a contract can be terminated in case of insubordination, non-compliance with responsibilities at work, in case of accusations of financial fraud, or conflicts. More about this topic or if you have any clarifications, you can talk to one of our lawyers in Portugal.

A few facts about Labor Law in Portugal

The Labor Code is the primary law that controls the employment segment in Portugal and it has been modified several times during the past 30 years. Regarding the Collective Bargaining Agreement, this legislation concerns and regulates the relations between labor unions and employer associations in Portugal. However, there is also the Code of Contributory Regime, a set of laws with the help of which the social security system is implemented for companies in Portugal.
According to the Labor Code in Portugal, an employment contract must include complete information about the employee's responsibilities, object, and duration of the contract, type of agreement, job location, payment date and terms, number of working hours, etc.
The authorities in Portugal are entitled to impose penalties for those who do not respect the conditions of the labor market and the protection they must offer to employees. In addition, emphasis is placed on observing holidays, paying overtime, and varied types of leaves.
We invite you to discuss more about the employer of record in Portugal with our specialists. You can contact us by phone or online if you need the services of our law firm in Portugal, including those reffering to immigration to Portugal.