Company Due Diligence in Portugal

Company Due Diligence in Portugal

Updated on Tuesday 09th May 2017

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Company-Due-Diligence-in-Portugal.jpgCompany due diligence is an investigation performed prior to signing a contract with a Portuguese company or, more common, before entering into a merger or acquisition. The information revealed after the due diligence is complete may help the investor in his business decision.
The corporate due diligence can he handled by a team of lawyers in Portugal with extensive experience in corporate and commercial law. 

Financial due diligence

Analyzing the potential risk of a business partnership or company merger/acquisition is important for many investors in Portugal. For the purpose of company mergers or acquisitions, it is useful to know how the target company’s financial situation may influence the business continuity.
A company due diligence will also allow for a more informed decision regarding the possible change of the shareholder structure. A financial due diligence process will look at the company’s accounting documents, its profits and losses account but will also verify potential corruption or money laundering acts.
Financial record keeping is mandatory for Portuguese companies which must keep all company records and their supporting documents for a certain period of time.
The team of experts at our law firm in Portugal can help you with a financial due diligence to verify if the company has met these obligations during its existence. 

Other essential information about a company in Portugal

Although the company’s financial history plays an important role in many business decisions concerning corporate mergers acquisitions or otherwise, investors may also be interested in the target company’s intellectual property rights. For example, if they have any registered patents in Portugal, do they depend on managing and keeping trade secrets, do the employees have a confidentiality agreement? It may also help to know of the company was involved in any copyright infringement lawsuits in the past.
If the company is involved in any litigation disputes, our team of lawyers in Portugal can help you identify any such issues and act accordingly.
You can contact us for more information on company due diligence and other business-related matters.