Business Restructuring in Portugal

Business Restructuring in Portugal

Updated on Monday 05th March 2018

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Business-Restructuring-in-Portugal.jpgBusiness restructuring in Portugal can be needed for a number of reasons, however, three situations tend to stand out the most: corporate restructuring, financial restructuring and, finally, restructuring deemed necessary because of debt.
Our team of lawyers in Portugal can help you understand the different types of restructuring for companies in Portugal and our agents are able to assist you during all of the needed phases. 

The need for corporate reorganization

Whether it is for the purpose of business advancement and growth or as a means of avoiding insolvency, business restructuring can be most needed for companies in Portugal that are in financial difficulty. 
Business restructuring can involve different processes that will include changes at an organizational level, an operational or legal level. The purpose is to improve the performance of a company, to avoid liquidation or to simply improve organization and promote growth.
Company restructuring in Portugal can be caused by one the following event or a combination thereof: 
- business expansion;
- a corporate merger;
- a change in ownership;
- a demerger;
- a company relocation;
- the need to outsource one or more services.
As far as the type of business restructuring is concerned, it can be divided into three categories: corporate, financial or debt. The means of restructuring and the relevant steps will depend on the purpose of the restructuring event and will be adapted accordingly. 

Voluntary corporate reorganization

Corporate restructuring can commence not only as a business necessity but as an outcome of the insolvency proceedings. The insolvency plan can include a voluntary company reorganization and it will be presented to the creditors. According to the Portuguese Law, companies in financial difficulty can benefit from a Special Revitalization Proceeding, meaning that they can renegotiate their debts with the creditors.
Our law firm in Portugal offers a complete range of services dedicated to companies that are in need of restructuring. We can also help businesses that are facing insolvency or those that are in need of specialized restructurings, according to business sector particularities.
Contact us for complete services and to talk to one of our lawyers about suitable solutions for your corporate restructuring needs.