Why Foreign Investors Choose Portugal for Business?


Europe offers numerous business opportunities and Portugal is among the preferences for foreigners looking to thrive in the Iberian Peninsula. The tax regime, the investment incentives and simply the business environment make Portugal a top investment destination around the world. If you are an entrepreneur wanting to start a company in Portugal, you can get in touch with our team of company formation agents in Portugal and ask for support in matters of registration.

Business Culture in Portugal - What You need to Know as a Foreign Investor


The Iberian Peninsula has always been in the attention of investors looking to implement their businesses in this part of Europe full of opportunities. Portugal offers not only a business-friendly environment but also the chance for foreigners to flourish in the chosen domain. We have prepared a short guide with information about how business is done in Portugal and we remind that our lawyers in Portugal can help them with legal assistance in matters of company registration.

The GDP in Portugal Rose by 2.3% in Q2


Portugal is among the European countries that rose from an economic point of view and that aligned with the states that registered a higher gross domestic product for the second quarter of 2018 compared to the previous year. Deciding on investments in Portugal means doing business in a stable and appealing climate that offers not only varied openings but also confidence and encouragements, extremely appreciated by domestic and foreign entrepreneurs. Even if the requirements for business formation are simple, it is recommended to ask for legal advice from our lawyers in Portugal and find out how we can help.

Prices for Real Estate in Portugal to Increase by 9.5% in 2018


The high demand for properties in Portugal has made foreign entrepreneurs consider the business opportunities in the real estate sector. This also led to property price growths as revealed by the recent report made by Standard & Poor’s. The same report that analyzed the movements on the real estate market in Europe showed that countries like Spain, France, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Ireland and the Netherlands are facing property price upsurges due to the international and local demands in this field. Foreigners looking to expand their operations in Portugal and particularly in the real estate sector must have a clear idea about the legislation and the legal ways in which they can purchase properties. In this matter, you can talk to our team of lawyers in Portugal and ask for legal support.

Foreign Investments to Sustain the Development of Solar Energy in Portugal


The solar energy sector receives a serious attention at an international level, and Portugal makes no exception in this direction, as there are important projects which can be developed to triple the solar energy production in this country. Numerous investors from abroad have announced their attention in the energy field in Portugal and offering a permissive business climate and legislation is definitely the necessary support offered by the Portuguese government in this matter. Opening a business in Portugal requires legal advice in many cases, particularly for registration purposes, therefore, we invite you to address your inquiries to our lawyers in Portugal.

A Large Startup Campus to be Developed in Lisbon

The recent governmental initiative of investing EUR 200 million in the startup sector in Portugal is set to attract foreign entrepreneurs from all over the world for the next two years. Lisbon is already an important business destination that hosts a solid and appreciated climate with large opportunities for investors interested in making profits in Portugal. If you would like to know the legal aspects of how a business is registered in Portugal, you may talk to our team of lawyers in Portugal.

Digital Tax-Free Solutions to Be Implemented for Shopping in Portugal


VAT refunds for exported goods purchased by non-EU citizens in Portugal have now a technological face as it should have considering the latest efforts in this direction. Since July 2018, the authorities in Portugal implemented the Digital Tax-Free Shopping as an encouragement to both retailers and customers. Having an idea about how VAT refunds are made in Portugal from a legal point of view can help tourists smooth the process even more with the new system. Our lawyers in Portugal are at your disposal with legal advice in this sense and can also help you when starting a business in this country.

A New Record for Portuguese Green Energy Production


The production of renewable energy is in the attention of many countries worldwide which want to develop all sorts of alternatives for energy with the help of other sources. Portugal, for instance, passed a 40-year old record this year by generating around 104% energy from renewable sources for home consumption. The data revealed means that Portugal developed its good strategies in the green energy sector with lots of chances to hit new records in the future. Foreign investors who decide for business in Portugal can benefit from a wide range of legal services offered by our team of lawyers in Portugal.