Banking Litigation in Portugal

Banking Litigation in Portugal

Updated on Thursday 05th April 2018

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Banking-Litigation-in-Portugal.jpgBanking litigation in Portugal encompasses those legal actions brought against banks and financial services providers by individuals or by companies, in short, by their customers.
Common cases can include disputes that may arise in case of swap agreements, or agreements involving other financial instruments but will also include disputes that arise from the deceptive sale of financial products.
Portuguese courts will protect investors and individuals in these cases and plaintiffs can take legal action by bringing their case in front of a Portuguese Court. Legal aid is recommended in these cases and the experts at our law firm in Portugal can offer you full legal assistance. 

Banking litigation cases in Portugal

The types of causes of action against banks and financial institutions are diverse and not limited to only to financial services per se. In most cases, banking litigation in Portugal will have just as much to do with contractual breaches or with using abusive clauses in leasing contracts.
Class action lawsuits or collection legal actions are not uncommon and, in these cases, a number of investors or companies in Portugal will join forces to submit a joint claim against a financial institution that has wronged them by selling misleading financial products.
Before deciding to take a case to court, it is always worthwhile to discuss with an expert. Our team of attorneys in Portugal can offer you a first case evaluation so that you may determine which is the most suitable course of action in your particular banking or financial issue.

Legal assistance for financial and banking litigation

Our team of lawyers in Portugal offers a wide range of legal services, according to the type of claim and the characteristics of the plaintiff. Each case will be different and will depend on the financial sector in which it occurs. Litigation for the termination of contracts will differ from that in case of misleading financial services or claims of abusive clauses.
Our lawyers will be able to handle each case with diligence, professionalism, and dedication. Please contact our law firm in Portugal for a complete list of our financial services and to schedule an initial meeting with one of our lawyers.