Arbitration Court in Portugal

Arbitration Court in Portugal

Updated on Friday 28th April 2017

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Arbitration-Court-in-Portugal.jpgThere are several arbitral courts in Portugal, however, the largest and the one commonly used for international commercial arbitration is the Arbitration Centre of the Portuguese Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Our lawyers in Portugal can answer your questions regarding arbitration and can help you decide if this alternative business dispute resolution method is applicable and relevant in your particular case. 

Requirements for arbitration in Portugal

The arbitration agreement can be signed between two or more parties that agree to solve potential disputes by using this alternative dispute-resolution method. This agreement must be in writing and signed by both/all parties.
The actual arbitration takes place in one of the arbitral tribunals in Portugal and the parties are required to appoint their arbitrators, an equal number for each party. A court in Portugal may make this appointment is the parties have failed to specify the manner in which they wish to appoint their arbitrators. Arbitrators in Portugal cannot be held liable for damages caused by the judgments they have submitted. The only situation in which they can be held liable is if they can be accused of gross or intentional negligence.
You can talk to an attorney in Portugal to find out more about the appointment of an arbitrator and the manner in which the proceedings take place. 

Laws governing arbitration in Portugal 

The Portuguese Voluntary Arbitration Law or Law 63/2011 is another important source for solving commercial and economic disputes through arbitration. It contains the rules for the procedures that may apply to arbitration proceedings and sets firth the framework for arbitration in the country. 
The Code of Civil Procedure sets important rules and regulations applicable to arbitration procedures, including issues like the appointment of arbitrators, their fees, appeal (if possible) and the enforcement and recognition of the decisions made in this manner.
Portuguese companies can work with the Arbitration Centre of the Portuguese Chamber of Commerce and Industry in order to settle local and international issues that arise in commercial relations. 
One of our lawyers in Portugal can provide you with complete assistance in arbitration-related matters and can offer you details about the Portuguese laws that govern arbitration. 
You can contact our law firm in Portugal if you need legal aid and representation for solving commercial or business disputes in the country.