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Why Start a Business in Portugal

Why Start a Business in Portugal

Updated on Monday 18th September 2017

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Why-Start-a-Business-in-Portugal.jpgPortugal is a strategic location for foreign companies that want to establish their presence in Europe and for individual investors who are looking for market advantages and a favourable business climate. 
The country’s position in Europe is advantageous in terms of easy access to other important markets. Moreover, Portugal is well connected to the rest of the EU and, as a member of the Community, its standards and laws are aligned to those in the EU in terms of commercial, import/export and business matters.
One of our lawyers in Portugal can give you complete information about the policy for investments and economy of the country as well as the basic steps for starting a business here.

Reasons to choose Portugal 

A good position in Europe and proximity to some of the most important markets in the EU is Portugal’s first advantage for investors. The country has good trade relations not only with EU countries but also with the United States, Brazil or countries in Africa. 
The workforce in Portugal is highly skilled and the costs for hiring employees are lower compared to other countries. This can be an important advantage to those investors interested in opening a start-up in Portugal. The country has a talented pool of young workers in fields like engineering or business. The country also has a well-developed transport infrastructure and ICT network
The business environment in Portugal is attractive for entrepreneurs in all business fields, and an important advantage is openness towards foreign investors and foreign employees. Moreover, Portugal has a high quality of life and many investors and expats enjoy living in this climate.

How to start a business in Portugal

According to the World Bank Group, Portugal is one of the EU countries where it is easy to start a new business. The business environment is welcoming and a special one stop-shop company incorporation method is in place, which allows investors to open a company in as little as one day. One of our lawyers in Portugal can detail the particularities of this “on the spot firm” and can help you gather all of the needed documents for this speedy company incorporation. 
You can contact our law firm in Portugal for more information related to the procedures for company formation and the laws investing and running a business in the country. 


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