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Portuguse Trade Register

Portuguese Trade Register

Updated on Tuesday 07th March 2017

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open-a-business-in-portugal.jpgWhen you establish a business in Portugal, the law requires that it must be registered with the Portuguese Trade Register namely the Commercial Registry Office of Portugal. It is the office in charge with registering businesses established in Portugal and it is the entity where you can find information about the company that you are looking for. There are also other ways of registering a company in Portugal. One is through the Empresa Online Service wherein you can set up a company through the internet and have the entire process done in 1 to 2 days, or you can also register it through the Empresa na Hora Service wherein all you have to do is to deliver the required documents to formality centers or commercial company registers. Our Portuguese lawyers can guide you through registering your company.

Information found in the Commercial Registry of Portugal

Since the Portuguese Trade Register also records information about companies, there are certain acts or documents that these corporations must also register aside from the articles of association. Our lawyers in Portugal have noted down the information you must provide:

-    When the law requires, the decision to purchase goods by the company must be registered;
-    Appointments and dismissals of members of the board of directors;
-    Merger or division plan;
-    Issuance of stock warrants;
-    Dismissals and exclusions of shareholders;
-    Changes in the articles of association.

Steps in registering a company in Portugal

Registering a business requires legal documents. Let our law firm in Portugal assist you in the process. These are some documents that you need when registering a company in Portugal:

1.    Application for registration - You register your business by filing your application with the Commercial Registry of Portugal, the Empresa Online Service, or the Empresa na Hora.

2.    Bank identification number - The required capital for your business must be deposited with the bank and acquire a bank identification number. The account must be under the name of your business.

3.    Declaration of commencement of activity - You can obtain this document from the tax authorities. Companies must provide their bank identification number for corporate tax purposes and value added tax.

4.    Social security registration - Since you will be hiring employees for your business, Portuguese law requires that you register with the social security regional center. This must be done within 24 hours after entry of the employment agreement.

5.    Workman’s accident compensation - Businesses must register for workman’s accident compensation after the business starts operating. This is required for the protection of employees since social security does not cover work related accidents or hazards.

Get more information on the registration of your business by contacting our attorney in Portugal. They can give you important advice on the process.


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