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Portuguese Legislation for Foreign Investments

Portuguese Legislation for Foreign Investments

Updated on Friday 22nd September 2017

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Portuguese-Legislation-for-Foreign-Investments.jpgPortugal welcomes foreign direct investments and has an open regime for foreign entrepreneurs wishing to do business in the country. The Portuguese legislation for foreign investments concerns the permitted and restricted investment fields, the formation of a company, ownership, and taxation and reporting requirements. 
The main agency for the promotion of investment in the country is the Agency for Foreign Investment and Commerce (AICEP).
Foreign investors who want to know more about the conditions for starting a company in the country or who need specialized assistance for doing so can talk to one of the experts at our law firm in Portugal.

Foreign investment in Portugal

Foreign investment is Portugal is encouraged and foreign entrepreneurs have the same rights to develop their business as local investors do. A few conditions do apply in terms of approvals for finance companies or new credit institutions – they must obtain an approval from the Bank of Portugal in case of branches of EU companies or the Ministry of Finance for non-EU corporations. Government approval is also required in key sectors like defense, public telecommunications, and others. 
Private company ownership is limited in certain sectors like transport (air, railroad, maritime), the production or weapons and in case of airports. One of our lawyers in Portugal can give you more details on these partially restricted sectors.

Attractive investment fields in Portugal

Portugal has many investment opportunities for those who want to start a company. Among those with the highest potential for receiving FDI, we can list the following: tourism, biotechnology, the electric and electronics sectors, the new information and technology sectors, parts of the chemical manufacturing sector and the shared services centers (such as call centers). 
Companies that operate in some of these sectors need special permits and licenses. One of our attorneys in Portugal can help you apply for these and handle any other issues that may arise during the company formation process.
You can contact our law firm in Portugal if you want to know more about the legal services we provide and how we can assist foreign investors in the country.


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