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Obtaining a Work Permit in Portugal

Obtaining a Work Permit in Portugal

Updated on Wednesday 06th December 2017

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Obtaining-a-Work-Permit-in-Portugal.jpgThe requirements for legally working in Portugal vary according to the nationality of the employee. Obtaining a work permit in Portugal is a preliminary and mandatory step and it can also be discussed with the employer before the relocation is complete.
Our lawyers in Portugal highlight the main aspects each foreign employee needs to take into consideration before deciding to apply for a job in the country. All foreigners who wish to find out more details about the relevant employment laws can talk to one of our experts.

Work permits in Portugal

EU/EEA and Swiss residents do not need a work permit in order to be able to have a job in Lisbon or any other Portuguese city. Non-EU nationals, however, need to apply for a Portuguese wok permit before they may begin employment. The application for this permit is subject to an evaluation from the relevant labor force authority in the area where the individual will work or reside. In almost all cases, the applicant must bring forward proof of employment or, in other situations, proof of marriage in Portugal to a national. 
Our team of lawyers in Portugal who specialize in immigration matters can give you more details on the policy for those foreign nationals who want to work in Portugal for longer periods of time.

Working in Portugal

Employment in Portugal is subject to a contractual agreement between the employer and the employee. Once the individual finds s suitable job, it is usually the task of the employer to begin the application process for a Portuguese work permit.
EU/EEA and Swiss nationals do not need a special work visa/work permit, however, if they intend to work in the country for a longer period of time they will need a residence permit.
You can talk to one of our attorneys in Portugal for in-depth information about all of the aspects of the Employment Law and other relevant legal requirements for foreigners. Our lawyers can help you if you are looking to become an employee in the country or if you wish to start your own business or register a sole trader.
Contact our law firm in Portugal for complete legal services and details information on immigration, employment, and other issues.


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