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Marriage in Portugal

Marriage in Portugal

Updated on Tuesday 15th August 2017

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Marriage-in-Portugal.jpgPortugal has beautiful beaches and sunny, warm weather: a perfect location for lovers who dream of a romantic, themed wedding.
Marriage in Portugal is subject to a few rules and regulations and foreign lovers should know beforehand what the requirements apply and ceremonies are legally recognized. 
One of our lawyers in Portugal can answer all your questions about the documents needed to get married in the country.

Getting married in Portugal

The future spouses may get married in Portugal only according to the Portuguese law, namely the family law. Foreign visitors or non-residents need to obtain their marriage licenses from a Portuguese Civil Registry Office. One of our attorneys in Portugal can provide you with a list of the local Civil Registry Offices throughout the country. 
In Portugal, a Catholic Church wedding is legally binding. Both of these ceremonies are conducted in Portuguese and if you choose to marry at a church, you should make arrangements in advance with the local Catholic priest.
One of our attorneys in Portugal can answer your questions regarding the civil wedding if you choose to perform both ceremonies in the country. 

Document requirements for marriage in Portugal

A couple who decided to get married in Portugal must apply for a marriage license. It will usually take approximately one month for the Portuguese authorities to process this request.
The two spouses must each provide a set of documents needed for the marriage registration:
- passport or resident permit;
- divorce certificate (if previously married);
- certificate of no impediment to marriage
Portuguese authorities may ask you to provide a translation of the documents listed above. One of our lawyers in Portugal can help you prepare all of the needed documents so that you will have all of the needed documents when you present in front of the Civil Registry. You may choose to have a translator when you perform either of the marriage ceremonies in Portugal. Once the Registrar issues the marriage certificate, the couple is officially married. 
You can contact our law firm in Portugal if you have any questions on the laws for marriage, divorce and living in Portugal.


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