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Litigation Lawyers in Portugal

Litigation Lawyers in Portugal

Updated on Monday 06th March 2017

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legal-services-in-portugal.jpgOur litigation lawyers in Portugal handle cases in court under a civil law legal system. The civil laws are designed in such a way as to protect the rights of all the people living in the country. As such, the Portuguese judicial system has provided for remedies when these rights are violated. If you want to enforce your rights, you can hire our lawyers in Portugal. They are experienced in all branches of Portuguese law and are more than capable of protecting your rights.

Courts in Portugal

There are different types of courts with different jurisdictions. Our litigation lawyers in Portugal can represent you in each and every court. Just visit our law firm in Portugal if you want to know to which court you should bring your complaint. Our Portuguese attorneys will determine whether your complaint comes under the jurisdiction of civil courts, administrative courts, Constitutional Court, courts of auditors, courts of arbitration or the justices of peace. The Portuguese lawyers who will handle your case are familiar with the procedure for each court.

Cases handled by litigation lawyers in Portugal

There are different cases that can be brought to court for different legal issues. Our Portuguese litigation lawyers have to study each one and seek the appropriate remedy. 
1. Civil cases
Civil cases usually involve breach of obligations and claims for damages. These rights and obligations are found in the Portuguese Civil Code. This code deals with family relations, the exercise of rights, and the performance of obligations. Our attorneys in Portugal are experienced in handling civil cases. 
2. Commercial ones
Commercial cases involve disputes between corporations, their rights and obligations, and their responsibilities towards third parties. The laws involved in these types of cases are commercial statutes, such as the Industrial Property Code, Commercial Registry Code, and the Company Act of Portugal. Our lawyers in Portugal are knowledgeable of these laws.
3. Labor ones
Portugal values the rights of laborers. That is why its judicial system provides for remedies when labor rights are violated. These types of cases usually involve the violation of labor regulations, like working conditions, employment contracts, occupational hazards, and work accidents. Litigation lawyers in Portugal can help you protect your right as a laborer.
For more information on litigation lawyers in Portugal and how to protect your rights and go about the procedure for doing so, just visit our law firm. We are ready to cater to your needs.


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