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Land Registry in Portugal

Land Registry in Portugal

Updated on Monday 06th March 2017

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open-a-business-in-portugal.jpgIf you purchase or own a land, you must have your title recorded at the Land Registry in Portugal. Its main purpose is to gather information on the legal status of a land as well as provide protection for transactions involving it. Every activity related to property titles must be recorded in the Land Registry that has jurisdiction over the area where the property is located. You need not to worry about locating a registry office because they are spread out across the country. Once the transaction has been recorded at the Land Registry in Portugal, it becomes binding on third persons. This means that other people have to respect your right over the property. Our lawyers in Portugal can help you with the registration process.
If there is a transaction involving the title of property and it is not recorded, it will only bind the parties involved. This means that other people can claim rights over the property or even have the transaction voided. If it is recorded, your right over the property becomes binding to third persons and will not be interfered with. Our Portuguese lawyers will make sure that other persons cannot interfere with your rights. 

Priority of rights

There will be instances when two or more persons have claims over a property. This usually happens in cases of double sales. To complicate things even more, both parties might even have registered their rights. The Portuguese Land Registry observes the principle of priority wherein whoever has recorded his/her rights first has a better claim over the property than the one who came after. Have your rights recorded right away through our attorneys in Portugal.

Validity of records

When there is an application for registration, all facts surrounding the property are carefully checked. The applicable laws are considered, documents are verified, and previous entries concerning the property are noted. The identity of the owner is also checked, as well as that of the parties, their legal capacity to enter into the transaction, and the validity of their titles. This is why when applying to have your rights registered, you should be sure that everything is in order. Our law firm in Portugal can help you prepare the necessary documents for your registration.
Dealing with land is a very sensitive matter. To avoid any conflict, make sure that you verify the title over the land. The records found in the Land Registry in Portugal are public which means the information is open to the public. 
If you need more information on how to have your rights recorded in the Land Registry, just get in touch with our lawyers in Portugal. They can provide you with what you need. 



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