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Foreign Investments in Portugal

Foreign Investments in Portugal

Updated on Wednesday 19th April 2017

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Foreign-Investments-in-Portugal.jpgForeign investments in Portugal are encouraged by the Government and promoted by the Agency for Investment and Foreign Trade. Foreign investors in Portugal are treated the same was as national ones. Certain foreign investments need to be approved prior to their development and several business sectors have conditions for special permits and licenses in place. 
Portugal is an EU member and a country that offers a good business environment. It has low operational costs compared to other Western European countries and investors are welcomed with a set of investment packages and incentives.

Conditions for foreign investors in Portugal

Portugal’s economy is mainly service-based. Key sectors include the technology sector, the information, and technology communication sector, the automotive sector, the energy, and biotechnology sectors. 
Foreign investors have the same rights to carry our business and economic activities as local investors. Foreigners can open any type of company in Portugal, however, special authorizations are needed in several sectors. These include the transportation sector, the water management sector or telecommunications. Credit institutions or finance companies in Portugal are subject to authorization from the Bank of Portugal or the Ministry of Finance. 
Our lawyers in Portugal can give you complete details about the laws for foreign investment and the protection of investments. The country has signed a number of double tax treaties and other bilateral agreements. 

Investment aid in Portugal

The economic environment in Portugal is investor friendly and a series of incentives welcome and encourage entrepreneurs. The national investment authority offers several fiscal measures to encourage investments and employment in areas that are considered economically disadvantaged. Portugal has a foreign free trade zone in Madeira. Tax reductions, tax investment credits, and EU aid funds are available under certain conditions. 
One of our lawyers in Portugal can give you complete details about the types of investment aid and how you can access them if you want to open a company in Portugal.
For more details about the policy and laws for foreign investments please contact the experts at our law firm in Portugal


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