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EORI Registration in Portugal

EORI Registration in Portugal

Updated on Monday 20th February 2017

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EORI-Registration-in-Portugal.jpgThe EORI number is used by Portuguese companies engaged in import and export activities. The Economic Operator Registration and Information System (EORI) is used throughout the European Union and companies incorporated in all of the member countries that engage in trade and customs operations use it.
The EORI system was established in order to serve as a tool for the implementation of regulations set forth by the European Council and the European Parliament. The aim is to use a common number, unique to each economic operator, that can be used throughout the European Community.

Assigning the EORI number in Portugal

The EORI number is assigned by the member state in which the company is incorporated. Portuguese companies are assigned their EORI number when they are registered. This number is identical to the number the company is automatically assigned when it is registered with the tax authorities in Portugal. This is the fiscal identification number (NIF) and it is issued once the company is registered with the National Company Registry office.
This number is used in all trading transactions and customs-related activities in which the company engages. The EORI number is used in nearly all customs import and export declarations as well as in the transit declarations. 
All customs authorities throughout the EU have easy access to the list of EORI registered companies, for easier identification of economic operators doing business throughout the Union. 
Our team of lawyers in Portugal can help you register your company with the National Company Register office once you have decided to incorporate a company in the country.

EORI regulations in Portugal

Portuguese companies are advised to update their information whenever necessary as these changes will also be reflected in the economic operator's system. Changes to the EORI data can be made via the electronics declarations menu. If the company is liquidated or ceases to conduct economic activities, regardless the reason for the cessation, the EORI number will automatically be canceled.
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