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Civil Law in Portugal

Civil Law in Portugal

Updated on Tuesday 21st March 2017

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Civil-Law-in-Portugal.jpgThe Portuguese Civil Code was entered into force in 1967 and it replaced the one from 1868. The text of law includes five different books, each treating one different matter of civil law. The books include general provisions, the Law of Obligations, the Property law, the Family Law and the Inheritance Law. 
Throughout modern history, the Civil Code has been subject to a number of amendments and changes concerning the former overseas Portuguese territories. The 1967 Code was largely based on the German Code and had a technical approach to the definitions included therein, a definition that was also of German influence.  
The evolution of the Portuguese Civil Code is similar to its evolution as a state and the concern to protect the civil law relations.
The team of experts from our law firm in Portugal can help you understand the principles of the Portuguese civil law in the context of business and commercial activities in the country.

The Law of Obligations in Portugal 

The Portuguese Law of Obligations is a branch of the private law that regulates the duties and liabilities that may arise, on a contractual basis, between individuals. Civil obligations undertook by individuals in Portugal and are enforceable in a court of law.
Business owners in Portugal are concerned with the legal provisions that relate to contracts. Signing contracts with a Portuguese company or hiring employees is done by drawing up a document/contract that observes the regal provisions in this sense.  

The Property Law in Portugal

The Property Law has its separate book in the Portuguese Civil Code. It deals with all issues concerning ownership, tenancy and acquiring property in Portugal. Foreign investors in the country may be concerned with these provisions when entering the real estate business. 
Other matters like the Family Law, which are also included in the Civil Code, regulate issues like marriage or divorce and the Inheritance Law treats the issue of inheritance, wills and property transfer.
Our team of lawyers in Portugal can help you with detailed information about the books or subsections of the Civil Code.
You can contact us if you are in need of legal assistance in the country. 


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