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About us

About us

Updated on Thursday 13th October 2016

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Lexco is a law firm that offers a wide range of legal services for different categories of clients, such as international companies, high net worth individuals, local corporations. Our goal is to offer professional legal services tailored to the needs and objectives of our clients interested in doing business in Portugal.

We are specialized in corporate law, investment funds, wealth management and legal services for private clients, trusts, companies, investment funds etc.  and we offer our services in our offices in Portugal, Denmark and UK.

Miguel Nobrega Gouveia is our corporate counsel, specialized in commercial, business and tax affairs, with an experience of over a decade in the business and financial environment. He performed in the field of wealth management and tax planning in the last years.

Our services

Lexco provides a wide range of legal services as follows:

-    company formation in Portugal (registration of a company, obtaining special permits and licenses, opening subsidiaries/branches);
-    company management;
-    contracts and commercial agreements;
-    formation of special purpose vehicles;
-    legal advice;
-    tax advice and planning;
-    wealth management;
-    risk management;
-    restructuring of a company;
-    company liquidation etc.

We have a family office that manages the families’ assets in order for them to have more time for organizing their extended businesses and benefit from financial planning asset protection and administration of their investments.  

The private clients can choose to create trusts for managing their wealth in an efficient manner and to benefit from charitable giving and simplify planning.

For more details about the legal services, our team and prices, you may contact our law office in Portugal.


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